Hello Friend!

I’m Lena Anani, and I’m so happy you’re here! YAY!

Now let me introduce myself… I’m a published author, seasoned speaker, and I’ve been a successful coach for over 13 years and I am looking forward to doing this rewarding work for the rest of my life.

I’ve helped my clients enjoy success in the areas of health, wellness, finances, mindset, creativity, writing, books, publishing, marketing, business, career, relationships, love, empowerment, and more.

What I love most about my coaching sessions is unraveling the deeply hidden truths for each of my clients, witnessing their glowing moments of clarity, and brainstorming a personalized plan for success every time.

Your success literally brings me joy. So, let’s work together soon and make it happen! 🙂

Feel good and make magic…


Raving Reviews

A few of my clients share what they enjoyed most about working with me…


“I Am Very Pleased With The Results!”

“I am very pleased with the results! Lena Anani made good on the promise of national exposure. I struggled with wondering if I was ‘selling-out’ my values in the interest of a wonderful marketing opportunity, but she was respectful of my values and was a joy to work with. Her upbeat feedback was client-focused and having a third-party viewpoint is crucial for any entrepreneur.”

— Linda F Williams [ ]


“This Collaborative Way Was Much Faster And More Fun!”

“Lena Anani helped me create great website copy through intuitive and strategic co-creation. Working in this collaborative way was much faster and more fun than if I would have struggled on my own. I benefited from Lena’s outside perspective and already recommended people to work with her!”

— Sabine Messner [ ]


“Lena’s Creativity Had Ideas Spewing Out Immediately!”

“I rock at marketing but when it came to brainstorming my signature program name, I was so in my own head about it that I couldn’t make a decision. Everything I came up with myself felt boring. So, I took the collaborative approach and hired Lena to help me brainstorm. And WOW! was that the right decision! Lena’s creativity had ideas spewing out of both of us immediately.”

— Amanda Goldman-Petri [ ]


“This Program Gave Me Encouragement And Momentum!”

“This really gave me encouragement and momentum, and helped me overcome some fears in laying some new groundwork within my business. So it really coincided with me bringing my own voice to the business I already had. This program would be great for anyone really needing to know that when there is a will there is a way and everyone has fears they need to move past.”

— Elizabeth Diebold [ ]


“I Discovered The Important Of Being More Conscious!”

“I discovered the importance of being more conscious in how I talk to myself and what I affirm with others, and having the courage to speak my truth, even if I’m afraid I’ll be made fun of or ostracized for it. Because of this program, I’ve been inspired to create a blog about love, living with integrity, and in resonance with your true self.”

— Leilah McNabb [ ]


“I Would Recommend This Program To Anyone Who Needs It!”

“Lena, I loved your positive energy and motivation throughout this program, and it helped me see all the things that stop me from moving forward. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs it because we all need support and you are very good at support.”

— Kathy Lewandowski [ ]